Problem of the alkyd enamel paint on concrete
Cause of apply the alkyd enamel paint on the concrete. The alkyd enamel paint is suitable for the steel and the wood because the alkyd enamel can react with the alkalinity in the concrete or the fibrocement (Specification Reaction) and the paint film not dry or tacky.

Problem Solution

Remove the tacky film or not dry film by scraping, scrubbing and sanding into the concrete surface.
Apply TOA Acrylic Contact Primer #E1100 1 coat.
Repaint with a quality acrylic solvent base paint such as Supershield Acrycote 2 coats or use the acrylic emulsion paint such as Supershield or Supershield Duraclean (washability paint).
ref : www.toagroup.com

Which's your style?
1. Natural style: The most important is mixed with trees, normally its 2 styles are Open air to look at an out side natural and zoning. Natural in bathroom.

2. Modern style: showing a real of appliance prefer for metal such as chromium, stainless, crystal, mirror and color mirror. This style is almost lighting.

3. Classic style: it's particular plan, gay, testing and antique. Happy to choosing your choice.

Stink in bathroom.
The most important reason of stink is a nahm, second is all appliance. Nahm, amend by demolish and do a new install but if it too old should be call the Municipality to concern about it. Ana about let off water pipe should be set up and exhaust fan.

Furniture's secret
The easy cleaning: Rattan, clean by water with salt or water with ammonia and do not clean with soap because a rattan will be change color. Skin furniture, moulds protect by ammonia or clean by oil.

Wooden parquet floor
The flooding is a big problem for wooden floor, concern by: Purchase new parquet, clean it dry and take the old out.Prepare new parquet to wax with glue for 1-2 mm. then put it and leave for 15 days. Use abrasive paper No.0 to scrub for a smooth wooden floor. Wax by vanish oil with thinner for twice time and scrub until smooth. Use soft chalk mixed with shellac color (follow a wooden color) to close a hold. Wax with shellac and wooden wax again.

Summer furniture
How to protect sunshine? : Curtain is personal feeling, you can choose a thickness for protect a sunshine decrease a heat in your house. You can choose a curtain with color of furniture. Awning is the important one to protect sunshine and rain, the most popular one is see true plastic, and polycarbonate is 99 % UV block and lasting.

Air condition
Did you ever check all appliances? We had a suggestion to use an air-con.

- 25°C is appropriate temporary
- Always check an air solution.
- Check and clean a filter air at lease twice time / year.
- Turn off an air-con 15-20 minute before left.
- Close all area in room for protects an air getting out.

30,000 Baht for a beautiful garden.
For beautiful atmospheres, you should be select one corner to be a rest area. We have 2 ideas for a beauty garden. On the left side that looks at water pipe, tallow or something it's not good. You can plant a tree and sat a stone cover them. Finding some color light, clay jar with creeper to make it softy. For this style had a cost for 10,000 Baht. At front for triangle area set up to be a small waterfall corner, put a root n a stone base, on concrete well, sponge stone and set lighting for fall base on a night time. Had a cost for 18,000 Baht.

Before late should be check in your house, sometime it's be termite stay on ceiling, parquet, picture, bed or your property. For protect and destroy them you must be check and spray at lease in every month.

On holiday should be check and clean in any appliances on ready to use with a easy secret: Refrigerator cleaning by carbonate soda (baking soda approximately 1 spoon with water 4 cups) to decrease stinky always do in every month. For skin furniture must clean by waxy for a long term of your furniture. Bottle wash by warm water with sand then shake and let them out. And wash by washing dust and clean by water again.